Throughout the gospels, Jesus provides teachings on providing a peaceable kingdom for all of God’s people, including our most precious gifts, our children and youth (Matthew 5:9, Luke 18:15-17).

The peaceable kingdom begins with sanctuary.

Scriptures provide examples of how sanctuary is to be a community of protective nurture and harmony (Psalms 20:1-2, 27:4-5). As Christians, we are called to create a safe sanctuary in our churches. They must be holy, safe, and protective communities for all of God’s children, regardless of age or ability. The purpose of this policy is to address the safety of our children and youth at events sponsored by this church. This church recognizes the need to have a formal, written policy with procedures in place (1) to help prevent the opportunity for the occurrence and/or the appearance of abuse of children and youth and (2) to help protect workers from false accusations and/or suspicions.

Safe Sanctuary is a policy that promotes child safety. All adult leaders in our church are required to certify that they are familiar with the policy and will follow it when working with children and youth in the church.

Safe Sanctuary certification is a two-step process for adult volunteers:

  1. Complete a form authorizing the church to order a background check. Click here to see the form; print it to complete it and return to the church office.
  2. Annually demonstrate familiarity with the policy by completing training and answering a few questions. Training is available as needed.  Contact the youth director for more information.

Here is the Safe Sanctuary policy and procedures at First United Methodist Church Orange.


NameDate TakenExpires
Christopher Abshire12/20/1812/20/20
Sharon Bridges12/20/1812/20/20
James Brown12/20/1812/20/20
Marcia Brown12/20/1812/20/20
Trenton Brown12/20/1812/20/20
Kaylin Brown12/20/1812/20/20
Brittany Harmon12/20/1812/20/20
Lauren Peet12/20/1812/20/20
Donna Rogers12/20/1812/20/20
Doug Rogers12/20/1812/20/20
DaeLeigh Sandlin12/20/1812/20/20
Suzanne Magee12/20/1812/20/20
Caitlin Ziller12/20/1812/20/20
Zachary Shaw1/14/191/14/21
Angela Abshire5/30/195/30/21
Patricia Anderson5/30/195/30/21
Leighia Barron5/30/195/30/21
Barbara Dardeau5/30/195/30/21
Dina Defrates5/30/195/30/21
Harry Golemon5/30/195/30/21
Lisa Hodge5/30/195/30/21
Dana Sandlin5/30/195/30/21
Ginger Williams5/30/195/30/21
Julie Allensworth6/3/196/3/21
Donna Benefield6/3/196/3/21
Sarah Boehme6/3/196/3/21
Cindy Reynolds6/3/196/3/21
Debbie Taylor6/3/196/3/21
Anna Hughes6/24/196/24/21
Jessica Underwood6/24/196/24/21
Theresa Allen9/11/199/11/21
Richard Allensworth9/15/199/15/21
Richard Barron9/15/199/15/21
Priscella Burns9/15/199/15/21
Ana Golemon9/15/199/15/21
Lori Kratzer9/11/199/11/21
Nicole Watzlavik9/11/199/11/21
David Sandlin1/19/201/19/22
Matthew Taylor1/19/201/19/22
Lisa Greer02/09/2002/09/22

Priscella Burns9/15/21
Ana Golemon9/15/21
Richard Allensworth9/15/21
Richard Barron9/15/21
Nicole Watzlavik9/11/21
Theresa Allen9/11/21
Lori Kratzer9/11/21
Jessica Underwood6/24/21
Anna Hughes6/24/21
Debbie Taylor6/3/21
Julie Allensworth6/3/21
Donna Benefield6/3/21
Cindy Reynolds6/3/21
Sarah Boehme6/3/21
Dina Defrates5/30/21
Dana Sandlin5/30/21
Lisa Hodge5/30/21
Ginger Williams5/30/21
Leighia Barron5/30/21
Patricia Anderson5/30/21
Barbara Dardeau5/30/21
Harry Golemon5/30/21
Angela Abshire5/30/21
Zachary Shaw1/14/21
Lauren Peet12/20/20
Brittany Harmon12/20/20
Caitlin Ziller12/20/20
DaeLeigh Sandlin12/20/20
Sharon Bridges12/20/20
Trenton Brown12/20/20
James Brown12/20/20
Marcia Brown12/20/20
Christopher Abshire12/20/20
Suzanne Magee12/20/20
Kaylin Brown12/20/20
Doug Rogers12/20/20
Donna Rogers12/20/20