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9/19/2020 FUMC Orange's 16th Sunday After Pentecost

9/13/2020 FUMC Orange's 15th Sunday After Pentecost
9/6/2020 FUMC Orange's 2nd Facebook Live After Hurricane Laura
8/30/2020 FUMC Orange's Facebook Live After Hurricane Laura
8/23/2020 FUMC Orange's 12th Sunday After Pentecost
8/16/2020 FUMC Orange's 11th Sunday After Pentecost
8/9/2020 FUMC Orange's 10th Sunday After Pentecost
8/2/2020 FUMC Orange's 9th Sunday After Pentecost
7/26/2020 FUMC Orange's 8th Sunday After Pentecost
7/19/2020 FUMC Orange's 7th Sunday After Pentecost
7/12/2020 FUMC Orange's 6th Sunday After Pentecost
7/5/2020 FUMC Orange's 5th Sunday After Pentecost
6/28/2020 FUMC Orange's 4th Sunday After Pentecost
6/21/2020 FUMC Orange's 3rd Sunday After Pentecost
6/14/2020 FUMC Orange's 2nd Sunday After Pentecost
6/7/2020 FUMC Orange's Trinity Sunday
5/31/2020 FUMC Orange's Pentecost Sunday
5/24/2020 FUMC Orange's Ascension Sunday
5/17/2020 FUMC Orange's 6th Sunday of Easter
5/10/2020 FUMC Orange's 5th Sunday of Easter
5/3/2020 FUMC Orange's 4th Sunday of Easter
4/26/2020 FUMC Oranges's 3rd Sunday of Easter
4/19/2020 FUMC Orange's 2nd Sunday of Easter
4/12/2020 FUMC Orange's Easter Sunday
4/5/2020 FUMC Orange's Palm Sunday
3/29/2020 FUMC Orange's 5th Sunday of Lent Service
3/22/2020 FUMC Orange's 4th Sunday of Lent Service