After a year with our organization of the new Church Council format we are seeing a need for another group focused on the PROGRAM of the church.  Starting this month we have created a PROGRAMMING TEAM.  We have divided the program into different areas of focus:  Worship under the Worship Design Team, Discipleship Making under Leighia Barron and Randall Bridges, Hospitality under Ginger Williams, Communications under Marcia Brown and Trisha Anderson, Caring Ministry under Janelle Cochran, Missions under Stephen Lee and then 2 groups that are not program but support Facility under Jeff Fruge and Administration under Nancy Vincent.  Leaders of all groups listed under each heading will still be led by your existing leaders but will bring reports and needs to the person at the top if your group needs help.  Programming will meet quarterly.  The two groups Facility and Administration will coordinate with the staff Pastor John and Norma for building needs or help in the office area.  Again this is not changing any individual group but hopefully will give a level of support to each of your groups.  Years ago the church had a Council on Ministries think of it in that fashion. 

-Pastor John Warren


More information on these tasks teams can be found here