A note from our future pastor, Rev. Lani Rousseau:


Greetings Siblings in Christ,


I am so excited to be heading to Orange, Texas to be your pastor. I had a wonderful visit with your Council leaders and Pastor John and our District superintendent last Sunday, March 17. What a blessing they are and they spoke so highly of every aspect of the congregation. A few stayed after our meeting to take me on a tour of your fabulous facilities. What a legacy of love and dedication went into the care and planning of each building for ministry to reach others for Christ. I cannot wait to hear more stories of fruitfulness and kingdom building that has happened and continues to happen at 6th and Elm. I want to learn about the community and as I told them, I will not arrive with a set idea of where we will begin our journey together. I will come and listen and learn and get to know you. I want to hear your dreams, your calling and your ideas for ways we might reach out to those we have not met yet.


I do not begin my work in Orange until July 1, so you have plenty of time to celebrate John and the ministry you have shared together. He is closing the chapter of full-time pastoral ministry and retiring to a new season of life. This really is a time for celebration! Allow yourselves to grieve for the ways you will miss him and his wife, Sandra. You are forever bonded through your years together. Isn’t that a lovely thing?


I have already been praying for you and will continue to pray that our time together will be a long and fruitful one. You’ve prepared the soil and planted seeds, let’s see what work God is needing from us in this new chapter. 


Grace and peace,


Lani Rousseau



Lani Rousseau