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Wednesdays: Wednesday Night Live

Meal at 5 p.m.; Classes at 6 p.m. (Click HERE for Class Information)  (NO MEAL/CLASSES MARCH 13 - SPING BREAK!)

Sunday Mornings during Lent (March 17-Palm Sunday)

Lenten Sermon Series—Cross Roads With the Messiah
Meet six persons whose lives crossed the life of Jesus Christ. Our Lenten series will introduce us face to face with the people who were called by Christ, those who followed, and those who were caught in the turbulent week of his capture. We are venturing out looking at their stories one on one. Come and see who will visit us each week.

March 31: Youth Scaventer Hunt (6-12th graders)

April 6: Church Garage Sale 

Start your Spring cleaning!  Working items in good condition are accepted.  Sorry no clothes.  Furniture working appliances household items etc.  items may be left in the office area.  

April 14: Palm Sunday, Easter VBS, Kid's Egg Drop, Kid's Egg Hunt

3pm Easter VBS: Join us for an hour of games, crafts, and song about Jesus! 

4pm Egg Drop: Participants (Pre-K-5th Grade) are encouraged to make a contraption surrounding an egg. Nothing is off limits in trying to keep it from cracking on it's fall. The egg will be dropped from a second story balcony. If your egg survives, come get a prize!

4:30pm Egg Hunt: Kids will hunt for eggs divided into three different age groups

Thursday, April 18—Maundy Thursday Service, 6 p.m.

Friday, April 19—Good Friday Service - Funeral for Jesus, 6 p.m.

WHAT? What if there had been time for a proper burial? That is what the women went to prepare. Who would of been there to pay their respects? Which disciples would be missing in action? Mark your calendar for Good Friday, where we find out just who would be there. Were you there when they crucified my Lord is not the only question for Good Friday as we hold a funeral for Jesus. Pay your respects and bring your friends—it will be a service to remember!

Sunday, April 21—EASTER—HE IS RISEN!

May 3-4: Confirmation Retreat

June 24-27: Vacation Bible School 

Talk to Randall or Leighia if you would like to volunteer to help with rotations, as a crew leader, or donating materials and snacks. Also if you have any African savannah theme decorations that we could use – YELL!!  Please invite your family and friends to come join the fun!!  (Ages preschool through 5th grade)

August 25: Blessing of the Backpacks Sunday

3rd graders will recieve Bibles from the church. All who are teachers or students will have their backpacks prayed for and recieve a backpack tag. 

September 11: Wednesday Night Live (Fall) Returns

September 22: Christian Education Appreciation Sunday

October 31: Shine the Light (Family Life Center)

December 14: Advent VBS (Family Life Center)