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January 16: Wednesday Night Live Spring semester begins

Meal at 5 p.m.; Classes at 6 p.m. (Click HERE for Class Information)

January 19: Fourth Annual Southern Gospel Concert 5pm

Casa Flyer

January 18: Confirmation Class visits Temple Emmanuel (Beaumont)

January 20: Youth Bonfire at Abshire's House (6-12th graders)

Keep warm in January during our Youth Bonfire. More information coming.

January 25-26: Hot Hearts (6-12th graders)

Join us for great worship with great bands and great speakers at Ford Park. $35 to go due by Dec. 27th

Confirmation Class visits Stable-Spirit (Vidor) 8:30am-12:30pm

February 10: Valentine's Bakesale Before & After Both Services

March 1: Game Night (Senior High) at Wesley Foundation at Lamar U. 

Sr. High students are welcome to join up with college students from the Wesley Foundation at Lamar in having a game night. More info to come

March 31: Youth Scaventer Hunt (6-12th graders)

May 3-4: Confirmation Retreat